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Intellectual Intimacy

What do you want? Really?   The moments you think you are vulnerable you are not. When you know what you want and it is a manifestation of your self-respect you have nothing to lose but time. It is time, knowledge and communication that must be of utmost significance. I refuse to use the word …

Change the Narrative: Heroes and Kingz

Heroes and Kingz


About 30 years ago I applied to be a Deputy Sheriff in San Diego, California. I had passed all the physical, mental and intellectual tests. My decision to become a sheriff was not about a commitment to make a difference in my community.  Furthermore, it was not a decision to curtail crime in the streets. During this time I was working for the Dept. of Social Services as a supply clerk, in junior college and worked out everyday. I was not making a  lot of money, but me and my best friend had an apartment, cars, nice clothes and was living a the life of two heterosexual single men. After  going through the background checks, FBI background checks and references it was time to learn what the job entails. The preparation, I learned that you would have to do a few years working in the county jail before you would be working in a specific area.  I grew up around some guys who were into everything and my first thought was I was going to see half the guys I grew up with or know in the jail; no problem. My reputation in the streets was solid, so I had a fleeting thought that i could possibly change their mindset if I was put in the right situation as a sheriff. Two things happen that night would change my mindset and consciousness. First, there was another recruit who happened to be Caucasian and just left military. This other recruit and I where the top recruits in this class in all the tests. Second, the county jail prison bus just happened to pull-up in front of the courthouse/jail during our break from the 1 on 1 interviews. As the bus pulled up I remember the other recruit getting excited and voicing his anxiousness to get on the streets and “fight crime”. My first thought of him was if he was my partner he would get us both killed. But, as the bus parked and the Sheriffs and the inmates got off the bus, one thing was glaringly obvious. Every Sheriff was white and the 95% of the prisoners that got off the bus was either African American or Hispanic. The moment I had that visual I knew I could not be a Sheriff and at that moment I had to figure out how to keep Brothers off that bus. The next day I withdrew my application and I explained to my Mom why I could not be a Sheriff just for the money. To be in law enforcement is a special calling and I commend the good cops who have chose this profession. But, my knowledge of society and history told me there were too many Black men on that bus. Through my education, travel and life experience I now know why and the solutions are complicated. Over the years I have been helped and I have helped people as well. As I close in on my 55th  birthday I realize I can not change people, but I can attack the narrative. We have been called everything under the sun, but children of God. Thus, for me and my perception of reality and the standard and title I want brothers to aspire to is no less than a Hero and King. After 1000 years there is no other title that can be what we actually are but Heroes and Kingz. Unofficially, it began that night…Officially, it will begin Nov. 5th, 2017



noun, plural heroes; for 5 also heros. 1. a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character: He became a local hero when he saved the drowning child. 2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal: My older sister is my hero. …

The Moral Compass

The Moral Compass   “A compass is a relatively simple instrument based on a simple concept. With its northward facing needle, it is a consistent and true indicator of physical direction. By placing “moral” in front of compass, we evoke a clear picture of mental processes that point a person in a particular direction in …

Skynet? Alexa?

Skynet? Alexa?   The Amazon Echo offers our first glimpse into artificial intelligence for your home. “Your home is about to get a whole lot smarter. On Monday, Amazon announced its artificially intelligent bluetooth speaker—the Amazon Echo—is being made publicly available for purchase. The Echo was first unveiled in November 2014, but it was sold on an …

You only get .01 second of Negativity with me

   You only get .01 second of Negativity with me   I have never code-switch but I have always been courteous and professional. I have a comprehension of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Darwin’s theory of evolution; Malcolm X and a bible; I have no patience for disrespect or nonsense. The obstacle you face on your job, …

Don’t give up stay on the mission

Don’t give up, stay on the mission We have often settled for less, rather than challenge self. But, most of all we have not learn how to say NO. We can longer counter; we must be on the offense. We must dictate and defend right from wrong period.  What separates a man from animal? Don’t …

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