You only get .01 second of Negativity with me

   You only get .01 second of Negativity with me


I have never code-switch but I have always been courteous and professional. I have a comprehension of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Darwin’s theory of evolution; Malcolm X and a bible; I have no patience for disrespect or nonsense. The obstacle you face on your job, career and with some individuals main seem like on the surface an insult to your race and intellect, but on a deeper level it is insult to your humanity and common sense. Our ( my ) first instinct is to prepare for war, but life experiences tells me these battles are a waste of time and again this is where chess comes into play. Like chess, always put yourself in a position to make moves of growth and impact. This is done by getting into the habit of reading and researching. I am a book reader by nature, but I did a quick Google search of How to be better….” and fill in the blank and it gave me 2, 550,000,000 results in .32 seconds! The information is all around and often free, but you have to look for it and you cannot quit or let your self be denied. Moreover, do not waste your time in toxic places with toxic people it will just poison you and you will become toxic.

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