Make a decision! Dr. Eric Thomas

Make a decision! Dr. Eric Thomas


My friends Sidney Champagne and Elijah Braddy sent me a text message to a special You Tube video. The video was called Make a Decision by Dr. Eric Thomas. All of us watch Dr. Eric Thomas, Jocko Wilinick ( spelling ) Gary V and Mel Robbins. We are not about excuses and all about action and do not make excuses. Each us of get up in the morning before the sunrise and just dream, hustle and grind to create a better life for our families. But,  individually we have plateaued and have been trying to figure out how we take our expertise and brands to the next level. As personal trainers and health coaches we make a difference in the lives of our clients, but realize we needed to make a difference in the communities from which we can.  So, we realize three Alphas, three positive minds are powerful than one. Thus, Heroes and Kingz’s was created. Today, was the first of many podcasts where we will change and question the narrative of African American men and women around the world.


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