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Fitness, Health And Wellness

I need someone to explain to me how when you know something is not good for your health, you continue to do it and do not even consider making changes. I am not talking about drug or alcohol addiction, because I comprehend the chemical pull that these two can have on the human body.  I …

Fitness is a Lifesaver

Fitness is fun Fitness is a Lifesaver and I love this stuff! Exercise, physical fitness, sports and anything that involves being healthy. But, this does not mean I do not enjoy life and having fun.  Every now and then you have to just enjoy yourself and eat what you want and relax. This thanksgiving holiday instead …

The Healthy Lifestyle Why?

Hello and welcome to GAM CHRONICLES PODCAST -the space that seeks to empower black men and women and contradict the stereotypes. It has been awhile and has been a blessing to be busy! I created a new website !! I created this blog page/website to present my love of health, fitness and the athletic …

Discomfort & Pain

This is a great article and with the all the discussions of the safety or danger of Cross fit I find this article is correct in general. But, as an individual who has been physically active since I could walk there is a line between discomfort and pain when you are trying to get over …

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